Friday, May 9, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I'm Mary Ellen aka Carolina Momma. I'm the mother of three beautiful January babies and wife of 7 years to my college sweetheart. I'm on a quest to find myself and bring balance, peace and harmony to my life and my home. I'm a bit complicated, probably too much for my own good. I'm a perfectionist and a slacker. I started this blog as a way to express myself and I hope it grows into something useful not just for me but others as well.

My heart belongs to God, my husband and my children. Right now, I'm dealing with the challenges of being both a homemaker and a working mother. It's an uncomfortable juggling act but it's where I find myself at the moment.

Other things to know about me - I'm an avid couponer and bargain shopper. And before you say it, no my family doesn't eat junky processed foods 24/7. I'm an "everything in moderation" kind of girl. So while pizza rolls and McDonald's fries have crossed my dear children's lips, they don't eat that way all the time. I try my best to find deals on healthy foods (organic if possible). But more on the couponing later.

I'm a Catholic convert. I love my faith and believe strongly that God called me to the Church. But I am striving to rekindle the more personal relationship I once had with Christ.

I believe in and practice aspects of attachment parenting (breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping/shared sleep) and gentle discipline. I've dabbled in aspects of natural living - cloth diapering and making my own baby food, but I would not call myself "crunchy".

I'm a proud Southerner - born and raised in the Carolinas. I'm not a rebel flag waving, intolerant, racist person. I just love the people, the cooking and ways of the South. I'm the great-granddaughter of slaves that recognizes the tremendous sacrifices of those that came before me.

I love NASCAR! My favorite drivers are the ones most people love to hate - #7 Robby Gordon, #18 Kyle Busch, #99 Carl Edwards and #20 Tony Stewart. There's just something about guys with attitude and fast cars!

I have an eclectic taste in music but mostly listen to Country and Bluegrass. I find bluegrass to be soulful and raw; a very pure form of music. I have dreams of learning how to play the fiddle and the banjo.

I'm a fan of Dave Ramsey and the financial freedom his ministry brings to families across the country. Our family goal is to become debt free and to live on a cash-only basis.

I love to read and journal, but rarely have time for it. I like decorating, although my current style would best be described as cluttered. And my favorite places are Wrightsville Beach, NC or at home watching a fascinating documentary.

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