Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Ickies Are Back!

2 out of 3 babies in our house are sick. Those are not good numbers. Reedy has developed what seems to be a respiratory infection. He was congested all day yesterday but then got increasingly fussy and distressed as the evening went on. I held him - he cried and cried. My Mom came out and held him - and he still cried and wheezed. I felt helpless. It was after hours at our ped's and Dave was still at work. My Mom was getting emotional too because she didn't know what to do for him either. I called the after hours nurse and she suggested warm liquids to break up the congestion and keeping him under a vaporizer. After drinking a bit of warm apple juice, he seemed to improve. He played with Ash & Clay for awhile, then came back to my lap for more snuggles. Not being able to get comfortable in my lap, he took his blanket and laid down on the floor by my feet and fell asleep.

As we were dealing with Reedy, Ashleigh started complaining of a sore throat. She also felt a bit warm so I gave her some Tylenol and put her on the sofa with a pillow and blanket. As Reedy would cry, Ashleigh would start whimpering. I tried to reassure her that her throat would be okay with rest but to no avail. At this moment, I was feeling totally overwhelmed with two sick little ones both needing of my attention.

Dave finally arrived home bearing gifts for the kids - cookies n cream ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and marshmallows. I quickly sent him back out for a vaporizer - ours mysteriously disappeared from its last known location and some ear drops just in case we were in for a bad night again with Reedy. To add to all the commotion, as I was looking for the ice cream scooper in the drawer, I accidentally cut my finger on the carrot peeler. Ouch! That seriously hurt and is still a little sore this morning.

I just get so stressed and concerned when any of the kids is sick. They are usually so playful and going a mile a minute. It's hard to see them hurting in anyway and not acting like their usual selves. Doubly stressing when it's two sick at the same time. And of course, my mind goes through a million "what ifs" and worst case scenarios. Thankfully, Clayton is doing okay. Except he has developed a strange affinity to the dust pan. He insisted on sleeping with it the other night. And when I came home yesterday evening, he was still playing with it.

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