Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whole Foods Shopping

Ever have a week where the grocery budget seems to spiral out of control? I'm having one of those weeks! And that's without having gone to Harris Teeter's WEEK long triple coupon event. I bought some new items this week I normally don't purchase (grass fed beef and raw milk cheddar cheese). And a few splurges (popcorn for Dave and the kids and a kombucha for me). And two trips to the grocery store for milk this week. All together equals one blown budget!

As Dave always tells me, there's no use fretting over it. Just regroup and give it another go next week. Here's hoping for a less expensive outing next week!

Whole Foods:

1 box 365 brand organic microwave popcorn

1 Synergy Grape Kombucha (just had to try it!)

1 Pure Coconut Water

1 Nancy's 8oz cultured sour cream

16oz-365 brand unsalted hormone free butter

1 Annie's organic BBQ sauce

1-365 brand organic ketchup 24oz

5lb bag whole wheat flour

2 loaves whole wheat organic bread

1-365 brand organic mixed berry fruit spread

1-365 brand organic creamy peanut butter

1 Ezekiel's organic sprouted buns 6ct

1 Applegate Farms uncured bacon

2.5lb bag frozen chicken breasts

1 frozen organic peas

1 frozen organic corn

1lb organic rolled oats (bulk)

1 can organic coconut milk

3 cans organic tomato sauce

1 canned pumpkin

3 cans organic diced tomatoes

1 can organic tomato paste

1 container raw wild flower honey (local)

1/2lb dried organic black-eyed peas (bulk)

3lb bag sweet onions

1lb organic green bell peppers

3lb bag organic gala apples

2lb bag organic carrots

1 bunch organic Dino kale

18ct large brown eggs (local)

Total spent: $96.60

Earth Fare $25.80 (1lb grass fed, local beef, 4 bags frozen fruit, 1 brick raw milk cheddar cheese), Kroger $35.05 (organic milk and diapers), ALDI $10.12 (apple juice and white vinegar for cleaning), Harris Teeter $18.50 (more milk!)

Total spent: $186.07

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