Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Did I?!?

Did I just turn down 4 tickets to this Sunday's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway? Site of Kyle Busch's first win with the #18 team in 2008? Where he led a race high 173 laps and gave Toyota it's first win in NASCAR's top division?!?

Okay Mary Ellen, breathe. Think Dave Ramsey, think financial peace, think weird. Live like no one else, so later you get to live like no one else.

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Still Learning said...

Are you kidding me? Free tickets!! Can I make you feel a little better about it? You know I live over here not too terribly far from the speedway. Often we are traveling around the area during races and oh, the traffic. It has taken us over 3 hours sometimes to get home from the race traffic and it is a nightmare!! Did that make you feel any better? Ha ha, probably not. I'd go to the race anyway!!!! Way to stick to your guns though.