Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whole Foods Shopping

I'm starting to get in the rhythm of making the most of a limited budget while shopping at Whole Foods. Not so much sticker shock anymore! I'll share my tips in a future post, but you'll find it's probably things you're already doing.

Whole Foods

2 loaves organic whole wheat bread

1 bag organic russet potatoes

2lb bag organic sucanat

1 Lakewood organic pure lemon juice

1-32oz 365 brand organic miso soup (was initially looking for miso paste, but settled for boxed instead - maybe homemade miso soup next time!)

1 can 365 brand organic tomato sauce

2 cans 365 brand organic diced tomatoes

2 cans 365 brand organic dark red kidney beans

1 bag frozen organic blueberries

1 bag frozen organic green peas

1 bag frozen shrimp 41ct

1lb fresh pork andouille sausage

1lb Applegate Farms Uncured bacon

1lb organic bananas

3lb organic broccoli bunch

1 bunch organic dino kale

2lb organic rolled oats (bulk bin)

1/2lb organic raisins (bulk bin)

1 bunch organic green onions

Total spent: $72.16

Other shopping - Earth Fare $24.19 (organic milk & eggs), ALDI $8.51 (apple juice)

Total spent: $104.86

Check back for my menu plan post to see how some the items from Whole Foods are doing double duty this week!

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Rona's Home Page said...

We loved Whole Foods while living in San Diego.
Now that we live in Vegas it's too far to visit.
Great produce, meat and seafood.
I'm happy to read that they're making themselves more affordable.

Wendy P said...

Can't wait to see your menu this week! I know what you mean about the sticker shock. I just keep telling myself that spending the money on quality food there is better (and still cheaper) than going out to eat.