Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thrifty Find

For awhile now, my closet has been lacking what most consider to be a basic essential - a pair of nice, black dress pants. So imagine my joy when on a recent lunch time outing to Goodwill I spotted a pair of size 2 New York & Company stretch black dress pants! With tags still on!

Retail price $39.50. Goodwill price $3.39 - a perfect fit for our $25 monthly clothing budget!

Thankfully my mother is a very gifted seamstress and kindly took up a little bit in the waist and a few inches off the legs. Thanks Ma!

My Tips for Thrifty Shopping

1. Thrift store shopping is sort of like a treasure hunt. Some days you'll come home with great gems. Other days, you'll leave empty handed because somebody got to the treasure first! I go into my thrift store outings hopeful of finding treasure but expecting nothing!

2. Location, location, location! I tend to frequent the thrift shops located near shall we say "expensive" neighborhoods. I just seem to have more luck finding name brand items at those locations than others.

3. Right on Target! In our area, you can often find NEW items, with tags still attached from Target at Goodwill. I'm not sure if Target donates or sells these items to Goodwill. But the thrift store price beats even the Target clearance price.


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Fantastic score!! I totally agree - thrift shopping is ALL about location!

Still Learning said...

awesome.... I love finding stuff at the Goodwill with the tags still on. Especailly nice brands I can't affrod anymore ha ha. Good for you!!

susie lavender said...

From your mention of Clayton I'm assuming you are a Wake Co. resident. Which Goodwill do you go to? Don't worry I'm not in competition with you for size 2 :)

Mary Ellen ~ Carolina Momma said...

Hi Susie!

My fav locations are Brier Creek, Strickland/Baileywick Road and Grove Barton Rd.

Happy Goodwill Hunting!

Rona's Home Page said...

Target clearance rack has been a gold mine for me. I purchased a pair of gym pants for $6, a dress for $9 and a fitted lined dress jacket for $10.