Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping - Back to the Basics

After last week's grocery budget disaster, I went back to the basics and revived my price book to get on track with this week's grocery spending. Not only is a price book a useful tool in determining stockpile prices and sales cycles, but using the recorded prices can give you an idea of how much your proposed shopping list is going to cost before stepping foot in the store. On paper if things aren't quite fitting within the budget, you can easily adjust your menu plan for the week. For me, I find it much easier to plan out my trips on paper first than try and make huge revisions in store!

Whole Foods

2 gallons 365 whole organic milk
3 Synergy kombucha
2 loaves organic whole wheat bread
1 365 brand organic long-grain brown rice
1 Annie's organic cheddar bunny crackers
1/2lb organic green lentils (bulk)
2 cans 365 brand Wild Alaskan salmon
1 can 365 brand organic coconut milk
1 can 365 brand organic tomato paste
1 bunch organic Dino kale
1lb organic rolled oats (bulk)
1/2lb organic raisins (bulk)
1 Eden Foods organic shoyu sauce
1lb organic broccoli bunch
5lb bag organic russet potatoes

Total oop: $64.24

Earth Fare

2 cans Muir Glen organic chunky tomato sauce 28oz
1 Zico coconut water
1lb grass fed ground beef (local)
2lb organic bananas
1 container whole organic mushrooms 8oz

Total oop: $20.52

Lowes Foods (apple juice B2G3F - $6.08), Target (diapers - $17.33) and ALDI (toilet paper, paper towels and dish detergent - $5.84)

Total spent: $114.01

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