Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just In Time!

I was beginning to think I wouldn't get a chance to use those ultra fab $2.25 off 1 Electrasol coupons I ordered. Last year, I was able to use the half off coupons to score the 20ct boxes for .41 each at Target. This year, I got stuck paying over a $1 for a box after the sale at Target ended.

But this week, Kroger came to the rescue! Kroger (Mid Atlantic region) has Electrasol Powerball tabs and gelpacs on sale for $2.69. After coupon, that's .44 a box! It's three cents more than my great deal last year, but with the coupon expiring on the 11th, this looks like the best deal I'm going to get!

My stop by Kroger yesterday:

3 KR apple juices (sale 1.50ea)
2 Clif Mojo bars 70% organic (FREE! sale 1.00ea - (2) .50/1 Qs doubled)
2 Clif Kids organic fruit snacks (FREE! sale .59 ea - (2) .50/1 Qs doubled)
5 Electrasol gelpacs 20ct (sale 2.69ea - (5) 2.25/1 Qs)

Total oop: $6.86
Total coupon & sale savings: $30.50!

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