Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Financial Peace

What a coincidence that as I'm getting back into the habit of keeping a daily gratitude journal as outlined in Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, I come across "Gratituesday" at Heavenly Homemakers!

Today, I'm giving thanks for financial peace!

I know there are some that look at our life and feel sorry for us. They feel sorry for us because we don't go out and spend freely the way they do. That we plan our purchases, save up for things and live on the ever dreaded, oppressive budget! But what they don't see, is the tremendous peace we now have in our finances.

There's peace in getting an unexpected bill for $224 in the mail and not worrying about how it's going to get paid. Because even though the bill wasn't budgeted for, since our other expenses were, there's always extra when something pops up.

When you call about the after school program and find out the registration fee AND first payment are due by the end of the week. And you don't freak out because you anticipated the expense and already started setting aside the funds for months in advance - that's peace!

When you look ahead to the future and see yourself being debt-free INCLUDING the mortgage before you're 40 and well before your children start college - that's peace! And I wouldn't trade it for all the stuff and toys in the world!


If you're in need of some financial peace in your life, I highly recommend the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. This book has been such a tremendous blessing in getting our finances in order. You can also find information regarding Dave Ramsey's radio program, TV program (airs M-F on Fox Business Network 8PM EST) and Financial Peace University classes on his website - http://www.daveramsey.com/.

And if you're looking for like-minded individuals also working the baby steps, visit Living Like No One Else, a free, on-line support group.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome... you are singing my song! We live this way, too, and love it!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

That' awesome! I'm taking the Financial Peace course this fall and I'm very excited!

Laura said...

I know some look at our family also and feel sorry for us because we can't (or don't) do all of the "fun" things they get to do. I want to scream, "Don't feel sorry for us! We're SO RICH!"

I'm so glad you joined Gratituesday today!

Still Learning said...

I have been wanting to check out Dave Ramsey. I haven't heard of him before a month or two ago. I am definitely going to do that, I have been thinking about it but your post today has inspired me. I am emailing the link to my hubby so we can both get on board. My finances are in desperation right now so we could use it for sure.
Isn't it nice to feel secure.

Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law works for Dave Ramsey and teaches Financial Peace at our church. I cannot tell you how much I have learned through his and my sister-in-law's example. We are on a plan to be debt-free in 5 years, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!