Sunday, August 31, 2008

Super Savings Saturday - Holiday Edition

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice long, Labor Day weekend! We're busy getting the final supplies needed for Ashleigh's first week of kindergarten. This is uncharted territory for us - first baby to go off to big kid school :( So we're pretty anxious to get started and finally settle into our new routine!

Here's my deals for the week. Not much coupon action this week LOL! But I'm so in love with the quick sale fruit bin at Harris Teeter. Before, I would always just pass by. Until one week I came across 3lb bags of organic bananas in the bin for less than $1! And you know what, they weren't even over ripe or anything! So now I make a point to always pass by just see what good deals might be there waiting.

Grocery Totals:

Total spent: $93.85
Total savings: $48.15


18 jars Beech Nut baby food (sale .40ea - 1.50/8 Q)
2 Huggies Pull Ups (10.99 - 2/1Q)
1 bag KR shredded Mexican cheese blend (sale 1.66)
6 ears sweet corn (sale 2.00)
1 head cauliflower (sale 2.00)
1 bunch broccoli (sale 2.00)

Total oop: $38.33
Total savings: $12.42

Harris Teeter:

1 HT seasoned fries (3.19 - $1.50 e-vic)
2 HT whole wheat tortillas (sale 2/3)
1 box frozen HT Natural (hormone free, grass fed) beef patties (sale 7.99) ---> probably would have been cheaper to make my own using the ground turkey still on sale at Kroger. Live & Learn!
3lb bag bananas (quick sale .92)
1.5lb bag apples (quick sale .75)
1 bunch organic cilantro

Total oop: $16.36
Total savings: $8.28

Lowes Foods:

3 gallons Full Circle organic milk
6 Mott's apple juice (store Q 2/3 - 1/2Q)
3 Meow Mix cat treats (FREE! sale 1.29 - .75/1Q doubled)
4 Mott's apple sauce 6pks (store Q 2/3 - .55/2Q doubled)
1 Butterball Deep fried turkey sliced lunchmeat (sale BOGO - 1/1Q)
1 red bell pepper (sale 2.00)
2lb white, seedless grapes (w/greenpoints .89/lb)

Total oop: $32.66
Total savings: $27.45

Quick stop by Whole Foods for bags of organic dried black beans, green lentils and long grain brown rice - total oop: $6.50

Super Savings Saturday is hosted by Money Saving Mom, helping you become a better home economist!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, I agree - I love the quick sale bins at Harris Teeter! I'm always so disappointed if I happen to shop when they are empty. And these days I only buy bananas when I can find them there - after paying .25/lb for perfectly good bananas I just hate to pay more!