Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Savings Sunday!

Another exciting week of deals! This week I was able to get a "double dip" of savings thanks to the Back to School Kellogg's rebate. August 5th was the last day of a special Harris Teeter back to school promotion in which you could get a rebate of $10 for buying 8 Eggo waffles. The waffles were also on sale for $1.25 each. I bought 10 boxes and used (5) $1 off 2 Qs. Why buy 10 when I only needed 8 to qualify? Well...last Sunday there was a manufacturer's rebate form for $10 back wyb 10 participating Kellogg's products, which started on August 5th. And of course, Eggo waffles were apart of the rebate. Since my Harris Teeter rebate form didn't print at the register as it was suppose to, customer service credited my VIC card with $10 off my next purchase! And this week, I'll send off for the manufacturer's rebate by submitting my receipt and UPC codes from my Eggo boxes!

Please note these were two separate rebate opportunities, which allowed me to get double the savings!

Grocery Totals:

Total oop: $97.82
Total savings: $133.14!

Harris Teeter:

10 Eggo Waffles (sale 1.25 ea - 1/2 Q --FREE after rebate!)
2 gallons Organic Valley milk (5.99 - 1/1 Q)
1 gallon HT Organic milk
6 Beech Nut yogurt juice blends (FREE! 1.49 - .75/1 Q doubled)
2 dozen Born Free Cage Free brown eggs (sale BOGO)
3 Clif Kids Organic chocolate chip bars (FREE! .99 - .50/1 Q doubled)
1-3.15 lb bag 9 Lives dry cat food (sale BOGO - 1/1 Q)
3.3 lb bag of bananas (reduced .96!)
5 green bell peppers (sale .99 ea)
1 HT Sonoma salsa (3.99 - $3 e-vic)

Less $10 of purchase

Total oop: $26.39
Total savings: $55.25


7 Mojo 70% Organic bars (FREE! sale 1.00 - .50/1 Q doubled)
7 Electrasol gel tabs 20ct (sale 2.69 - 2.25/1 Q)
6 KR apple juice (sale 1.50)
2 Huggies Pull Ups (10.99 - 2/1 Q)
3 Kraft shredded cheese (sale 2.50 ea - 1/2 Q)
1 Kraft 2% Hormone Free cheddar block cheese (sale 2.50)
1 KR cola (sale .67)
1 Shady Brook 93/7 frozen ground turkey
7 Clif Kids Organic fruit snacks (FREE! sale .59 - .50/1 Q doubled)
1pk stew beef (Manager's special 3.45)
8 jars Beech Nut baby food (.47 ea - 1.50/8 Q)
4 Hunt's diced tomatoes
6 Starkist tuna pouches (sale .99 - 1/2 Q)

Total oop: $52.30
Total savings: $77.89

We interrupt these regularly scheduled bargain grocery deals for a trip to WHOLE FOODS! Going forward I would like to incorporate more trips to Whole Foods into the grocery budget. Not sure if it's going to be a weekly thing at this point. But this week, there was some room in the grocery budget, so we rounded out our grocery shopping there. I decided to focus on some staples this trip with a few items for the menu.

Whole Foods:

2 Organic Vegetable broths 32oz
2 pks Whole Wheat pita bread 6ct
1 bag frozen cut corn
1 bag Organic dried black beans 16oz
1 bag Organic dried pinto beans 16oz
1 bag Organic lentils 16oz
1 bag Organic long grain brown rice 2lb
1lb Bulgar wheat

Total oop: $19.13

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