Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Days You Have It...

I love couponing (as if you didn't already know LOL)! Somedays I experience the exhilaration of victory. And some days defeat. Today was defeat! I'm not sure where my head was when I was planning our meals for the week. I'm missing two key ingredients for tonight's Brown Rice & Black Bean burritos - onions and corn. I have some frozen onions at home I can use, but still needed some corn. Plus, we're down to our last tab of Electrasol. So I had this great idea to run over to Target during lunch. I could get a can of corn and a box of Electrasol using my 2.25 off coupon.

Based on the chatter at the couponing boards, I was expecting (hoping) the Electrasol would still be on sale at Target for $2.79 - making it .54 after coupon. Not as great as the .41 a box from last year when the half off coupon came out, but decent especially since I needed it. Well, the sale was over and the Electrasol was back up to full price $3.69 a box. My "okay I'll settle for .54 a box" deal went to "oh no! I'm going to pay 1.44 a box" deal. Ugghhh! I know I should be thankful for half off, but last year I paid .41 a box! And I still have 8 more of those 2.25/1 Qs to use before August 10th. What if I can't find a better deal?!?

And to add insult to pocketbook injury, while cruising the endcaps of the food section (note: If your Target carries food, check the displays at the ends of the aisles - "endcaps". You can find some great clearance deals there!), I found tons of 7oz cans of Calumet baking powder for .74. The same cans I paid 1.29 for a few weeks ago thinking I stumbled upon a fantastic deal. Don't you just hate when that happens?

I did find another pair of 3T camo, cargo shorts for Clay for .98. So there was one bright spot from the trip :)

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