Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Back Into The Routine

What a week we've had! Last Sunday, I was so filled with butterflies over Ashleigh beginning the Early Start program at her elementary school. I knew Ashleigh would do well, I just didn't know if I could rise to the challenge of getting up early, packing lunches, doing homework. I kind of fell off the FlyLady wagon several months ago, so all my morning and before bed routines fell to the wayside. I became a snooze button junkie - trying to lay in bed as long as possible. My mornings became a hectic rush of me trying to get ready for work and get things going at home. And there was never enough time to do both.

So this past weekend to help quiet my nerves, I took out my once trusty Control Journal and turned to my morning, after work and before bed routines. I made some updates to include all our new school related activities. The FlyLady advises to just write your routines out by hand. But I created a spreadsheet with all three routines on one page, then printed out several copies. I needed this physical checklist to help keep me on track. Otherwise I would wander around doing a little bit here and there.

Monday morning, I got up early and on time. I worked through my list, checking off each item as I went along. I made breakfast, packed Ashleigh's back pack and lunch box and got her up and dressed so Daddy could drop her off at school. I even had time to Swish and Swipe the bathroom! And when I got home Monday evening, I went right back to my list going through the after work and before bed items.

For the first time in a long while, I felt like I was back in control and not living in chaos! That carried over into work as well. I finally conquered the huge pile of half completed projects on my desk. I filed all my paperwork away and stayed on task with getting prepared for this month's meetings. And even though this is my busiest week at work, I'm not feeling overwhelmed at all. I feel like I'm on top of things again!

I'm not the only one settling into a routine. Ashleigh & Clayton are becoming acquainted with a new routine as well - early bed time. Yes, I know at 5yo and 3yo they probably should have been on an early bed time schedule like from birth, but let me explain :D Since Dave works late hours, we always kept the kids up to see Daddy when he came home usually 8:30-9pm. And since we coslept, it just made sense for them to go to bed when we did.

But with Ashleigh starting school, the late hours just wouldn't work. And of course, they need their rest. I thought we would be in for one of those struggles like you see on Super Nanny. Sitting outside of the door, constantly putting crying child back into bed over and over again. But it was relatively easy getting them to adjust. We brushed teeth, read a story, said our prayers then cut out the light. Since they are in the room together, I think it helped them not be as afraid as they would have been in their rooms alone. And they actually went off to sleep fairly quickly.

And I have to say, it was great having a quiet house. Time to talk to Dave, to read, to unwind. I'm definitely liking the early bed time!

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