Monday, July 21, 2008

Stuck In The Middle

Between a beautiful little girl who dreams of butterflies, fairies and ponies. And a rough and tumble little firecracker who doesn't realize he's just a baby, is a sweet, gentle soul with big brown eyes - our middle child, Clayton. He loves everything with wheels - cars, trains, bikes and planes; and balls - football, basketball and baseball. Sometimes he's off saving the world and flying through the air when he's Super Man or Spider Man. Other times he's lightning fast like his favorite movie character Lightning McQueen. But he's always our Clay - cautious, sensitive and sweet!

Since Ashleigh started successfully pottying at 3yo, we thought maybe it was time to give it ago with Clayton, since he's 3.5yo. We hyped up the potty as best we could and Clay seemed very excited to give it a try. So we went out and bought a potty with him and his own big boy undies. As expected, on Day One there were some accidents and some tears. We tried to give him as much praise and encouragement as we could, even when he just sat down on the potty and did nothing.

By Day Three, all heck broke loose. I came home at lunch to drop Ashleigh off from school. Clayton was sitting on the potty crying and my Mom greeted me with saying she would rather be out working in the field picking cotton than dealing with Clayton and trying to get him to use the potty. I was more than a little upset and confused, especially since she was so excited we were finally getting him out of pull ups. And now she's telling me she would buy the pull ups herself if she had the money. And if we get him a potty book like some woman on TV then he can use the pull ups and the potty?!? Hello??? These are the same pull ups he's been going in for the past three years, what makes you think a book would get him to stop?!?

So now here we are several days removed from the incident with my Mom. I'm still a bit upset and saddened by her attitude. But if she's not willing to help then we'll just work on potty learning during the evenings and weekends when we're home. And then there's the issue of pottying itself. Clayton cries continuously if we put him on the potty. Physically, we think he's ready. But emotionally, there's some stumbling block there that we're having a difficult time overcoming. Which has bought us to the conclusion that maybe Clayton isn't ready just yet.

I imagine it has to be a struggle for Clayton as well. Part of him wants to use the potty and be a big boy. He does ask to use the potty. But then there's a greater part of him that's very fearful of the change. Because of his sensitive nature, we have to be careful about how much we push him into new things. Change can be overwhelming for him. And learning this new skill is the biggest challenge he's faced in his life.

Of course part of me worries that he's going to be behind and might even go off to kindergarten in diapers...{sigh}

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