Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our First Harvest!

Remember our little baby 'mater growing in our container garden? Well, he grew up into a delicious little sweet red delight! I'm not much on raw tomatoes unless they're in salad, on tacos or in salsa. And with the recent salmonella scare, I haven't bought a fresh tomato from the grocery store in months. But this...was just soooo good! So sweet and flavorful! If tomatoes out of the grocery store tasted as good as our little one did, I would probably like tomatoes LOL! Even the kids loved it. I think it really does make a difference when they are involved in the growing and care of their food.

Now that our first tomato has been picked, there's another small patio tomato coming in. It's almost as if the plant can only focus on growing one tomato at a time LOL! We also have two roma tomatoes coming in as well! The peppers...still not looking good :( Oh well, maybe next year on the peppers. I've been talking with Dave and next year, we're thinking about using part of the space near the house to plant veggies instead of flowers or bushes. Then I'll reuse my containers for growing herbs. Because one small pot of sweet basil is just not enough!

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