Friday, July 25, 2008

Frugal Friday - Right On Target!

I just love Target! I get the warm fuzzies just being there LOL! We have about 5 Targets in reasonable driving distance from us. Of every shape and size - Super Target, Target Greatlands, Targets with Starbucks, Targets without. One of my favorite things to do at Target, is to scout out their clearances looking for super cheap gems!

The baby & toddler clothing department is my absolute favorite clearance spot. There's always a 30%-50% off rack. But if you stay on the lookout, you'll find those $1 or less items. The toddler boys Circo camo shorts pictured above were just .98 each! I also scored a pair of cargo shorts for Clayton and two pairs of solid colored shorts for Ashleigh (one for this summer and the size up for next summer) for .98 as well!

Another fav are the holiday clearance items. When it comes to the after holiday stuff, I'm usually on the lookout for clothes and toys. Would you believe the "cutie pie" shirt above is a 4th of July shirt? Because it was apart of the Target 4th of July items, I was able to pick it up for 90% off -- just .40! When it comes to the holiday clothing, I look for items that aren't too holiday-ish, so they can be worn at anytime. I found some similarly discounted shirts for Ash after Valentine's Day. The shirts do have hearts on them, but little girls and hearts go together anytime of the year not just Valentine's Day.

Of course everyone knows about the after Christmas toy clearance. But did you know that's not the only time to pick up good deals on toys? During the after Easter clearance sale, I picked up a Transformer Mr. Potato Head for $2.49 for Clayton and a Disney Princess cloth Easter basket for Ashleigh for the same price. The Princess Easter basket will be repurposed as a gift basket for Christmas. And I'm sure Ashleigh will find it filled with Disney Princess dolls and accessories this year under the Christmas tree ;) Earlier this month with the summer clearance items, I found a cute baseball mitt and ball set for Clay. It's not an honest to goodness baseball glove, but for a 3yo with a budding interest in baseball, I think he'll be happy to find it under the Christmas tree. And don't forget Halloween! Last year after Halloween, I scored a bunch of Cars die cast for Clayton and a couple of My Little Ponies for Ashleigh. And clearance costumes make great dress up outfits!

One last note - food. If your Target carries food, be sure to check out the endcaps or displays at the end of the aisle. You'll find some great markdowns on food items. The other day, I spotted cans of baking soda marked down to .79 each! And with my Targets, I've been able to use coupons on clearanced food or HBA items for even more savings!


Brooke said...

i love the target sale rack for baby shower gifts. i usually get an outfit then pair it with a pack of diapers and you have a nice gift for under $10!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, wow, do I ever love permeter shopping at Target! You find some amazing buys there.
One of my favorite times of year to shop is after the school sales are over. You can find some great things on the endcaps for organization. I've gotten some really cool bins and baskets that were originally meant for college dorms.
I like to check the endcaps for food, too! I also find that Target has cheaper prices on food than just about anyone else (except maybe Walmart), and I always buy at least 2 gallons of milk at a time when I go there--it's a dollar cheaper!
Regarding after Christmas or other holiday sales--if you think outside the box, you can do really well. I bought a box of ribbon that was meant to be for wrapping gifts for practically nothing in the Christmas clearance aisle. There was a variety of colors, and not one of them looked 'Christmasy.' Best of all, they are woven ribbons, like grograin, so I use them for sewing projects.
Something solid red bought after Christmas can be used for Valentine's Day or Fourth of July. Yellow from Easter might work well in the fall. And wrapping paper that is not holiday-specific can be used all year round!

Anonymous said...

I used to work at Target! The baby/toddler department was my "area." I don't have kids yet, but even I was tempted to stock up on those $0.98 deals! Way to go!