Friday, May 22, 2009

What About Now?

It's been five years since we've moved into our house. But looking at the bare walls (if you don't count crayon scribbles) and the mostly undecorated rooms, you would think we were just squatters! As we looked at houses with our realtor, I remember asking myself why so many people waited until they were selling their homes to make changes. Why did they live with their home not quite the way they wanted only to make it better for someone else? We too had a list of things we wanted to do when we moved in. But with the busyness of life, the paneling, the peeling 70s wallpaper and bare, off-white walls, faded into the background. We said we'd get around to it when the money was right or when we had more time.

So what about now? A trip to our outside storage revealed enough unused rollers, tape, plastic sheeting, brushes and primer to at least get us started on prepping the dining room. With a little bit of resourcefulness (and not a lot of money), we can take the first steps in making our home a haven and a reflection of us!


Rona's Home Page said...

Sometimes I'm thrilled that I cannot paint our walls. We're only allowed to paint white. Of course these days there's plenty of versions of white.

Still Learning said...

How exciting!! There is so much you can do with paint. We took some wood moulding strips and cut them into square boxes and just painted right over them. It was dirt cheap but looks expensive in our dining room. I can't wait to see what you do, I hope you'll show us some pictures when you get it done.

I had to laugh a couple of weeks ago. The Dominos driver was at our door delivering pizza's for a kid's B day party. He steps into the house and says burnt red pepper. I say, excuse me? He says it again and then adds Sherwin Williams burnt red pepper and I recognize that is my wall color. I was like, how did you know that? He laughed and said he used to work for Sherwin Williams and got laid off. What a hoot.

You are right not to wait though, you will love your home so much more.