Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pump Up The Jam

My Momma and I have been busy working the load of strawberries we picked over the weekend. Momma did the washing and hulling (she claims I take too much off the top), while I mashed and prepared bowls of no cook freezer jam. We ended up with 25 containers of freezer jam and big bowl of sliced strawberries for the fridge. I'm so looking forward to blueberry season!


Jessica Morris said...

yum!! I have never made jam, and while I know it's relatively easy, I am waiting til my boys are older because ANYTHING extra right now just seems like TOO much work!! lol enjoy your freezer jam!! :)

Amanda said...

Oh, great! I'm planning on picking strawberries next week, and was going to do jam the old-fashioned way. No-cook sounds a lot easier :)