Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff; But It's the Small Stuff That Drives Me Crazy!

If I were to go insane, hypothetically speaking of course, it wouldn't be some huge, major event that would drive me over the edge. No, it would be something small. Those seemingly insignificant inconveniences which just gnaw at me! Case in point, our beloved LG dishwasher - so quiet, so pretty with it's stainless steel tub. It's the workhorse of the kitchen. As apart of my usual Saturday morning routine, I loaded up the dishwasher after breakfast. I went about straightening up the rest of the kitchen when the dishwasher started to beep. Opening the door, I see this cryptic message flashing on the control panel - LE??? I check the owners' manual on-line, but no mention of "LE". So I call customer service. Diagnosis - motor issues! The representative then tries to direct me to a repair service which is about 40 miles away from here. No thanks!

With the payoff of our HELOC looming on the horizon, talk of emergency repair or replacement has been put aside. So what's a girl to do? Roll up her sleeves and get to it! One hour (and one pair of dish pan hands) later, the dishes are done. I know on the scale of "major-ness", this barely registers. Some people don't even have dishwashers. Some people in this world wash their dishes in watering holes where clothes are washed, people bathe and animals come to drink. Yeah, I get it's not a big deal. But it so irks me nonetheless!

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