Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekly Grocery Totals

Our new emphasis on organics is stretching our $100 weekly budget just a bit. But I'm not quite ready yet to agree to a budget increase. First, I want to make more of an effort to fund a weekly grocery cash envelope. Right now with my current bank and shopping schedule, I actually start shopping for the week a few days before I go to the bank. So a trip to the bank at the beginning of the week seems to be in order. Raising the grocery budget is not completely out of the question. However, I want to utilize other strategies first before automatically increasing what we spend each week. But $112 a week for a family of 6 is not too bad!

Total Spent: $112.03
Total Savings: $37.89

Whole Foods:
2 Whole chickens (sale .99/lb)
1-365 brand Organic, Unrefined, Expeller pressed virgin coconut oil 14 oz.
2 loaves organic, whole wheat bread
1lb organic green lentils
5lb bag 365 brand whole wheat flour
1-365 brand organic vegetable broth
1lb organic black beans
2lb organic, NC sweet potatoes
4 limes (sale 4/$1)
3lb organic russet potatoes

Total oop: $45.12

Kroger (combined trips):
14 Juicy Juice -- sale 2.49 - .50/2Q doubled
2 gallons Horizon Reduced Fat Organic milk -- markdown 3.29 ea
2 Kraft Mozzarella shredded cheese -- sale 1.99
3 Kraft 2% Hormone Free shredded cheddar cheese -- sale 1.99 - .75/1Q
1 Kraft 2% Hormone Free singles -- sale 1.99 - .75/1Q
1 King Arthur unbleached white, whole wheat flourLess
1 Private Selection organic salad mix with herbs -- sale 3.34
3 dozen Naturally Preferred organic eggs -- markdown 2.99 ea

$10 Mega Event promotion

Total oop: $56.76
Total savings: $31.29 (does not include savings from markdowns)

Harris Teeter:
2 Hefty kitchen trash bags -- sale 4.99 - 1/1Q
3lb bag yellow onions

Total oop: $10.15
Total savings: $6.60

Rumor has it, Harris Teeter will be having a triple coupon promotion starting Thursday! I can't wait!

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Still Learning said...

I'm sorry, did you really just say you spend $100 for six people?????

I spend about $250 a week, sometimes I get it down to $220 for six. I am completely flabberghasted. How can you possibly do that? I am amazed. I spend $10 a week in milk alone....