Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Frugal Date

Even though we're fortunate to have my Mom living with us, Dave and I very rarely go out on dates. But tonight, we're going to paint the town...GREEN! Our local Whole Foods is holding a free workshop tonight called, "Healthy Shopping on a Budget at Whole Foods Market". The description says they will teach you how to find coupons and bargains for your favorite healthy products, and learn "insider tips" on how to stretch your dollar. Should be fun! Maybe we'll even treat ourselves to something delicious from the bakery!

Change of plans - Oh well, just got a call from Whole Foods. The instructor is sick, so no class tonight :( Maybe, we'll go out anyway. We were planning on doing the grocery shopping after the class. Shopping sans kids will be a nice change as I'm normally left to speed shop while Dave wrangles the babies.


Still Learning said...

Your husband was actually going to a grocery shopping/coupon clipping event with you? Man, he must love you. My husband would never go with me. Lucky lady. How is your savings going from Coupon Mom? From just learning to plan all of my meals and snacks around the store's ad and clipping the extra coupons from her site I have cut $100 a week off my bill so far.YIPEE!!!!!!!!! Hope you're saving too.

Wendy P said...

Howdy Mary Ellen! I hope they reschedule that class and that y'all get to go. I'd love to hear about it!

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