Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Officially Lost It!

This morning started like most mornings - me stumbling out of bed, much later than I should. Mumbling about the coldness of the house and telling Dave, "I don't really want to go to work today". To which he replies, "You say that every day!" Stand in front of my closet looking for just the right black pants to go with a new gray sweater. Can't find the pants, they are lost somewhere in the closet. Make a quick outfit change to my usual Monday outfit - my fav black sweater (the one that looks great with everything and is slimming!) and fav gray dress pants.

Get a sleepy Ashleigh out of bed. Get her dressed while she's still mostly asleep. She finally awakes and makes her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth. I head down stairs to start breakfast - in the words of Clayton, "Oatmeal, AGAIN!" LOL. Back up stairs to do Ashleigh's hair. Get some clothes out for the boys and ask Dave if he's moved Ashleigh's car seat from the van to his car yet. Grab my stuff, a little bit of breakfast, my Mom's mail and I'm out the door.

Get to work, turn on my computer, the phone rings...

Dave: "Hey Honey, somebody wants to talk to you"

Ashleigh: "Hey Momma, I went to school and there was nobody there. No students or anything!"

Me (in disbelief): Really?!?

Dave: "Yeah, there wasn't anyone there. It's a teacher work day today"

Me (still in disbelief): Are you sure?

Quickly pulling up the school's website on-line.

Me: Oh....

Yes, I think I've officially lost it!

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Corey~living and loving said...

Let me know if you find IT. Mine might be with Yours! tee hee