Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Week That Was

And boy, was it ever a week! Last Tuesday, Ashleigh started kindergarten full time - if you're keeping score, this is like our third "first" day of kindergarten LOL! We were all a bit nervous and anxious that day. I could barely concentrate once I got to work. And couldn't get back to Ashleigh's school fast enough. But to my relief, I found her having a ball on the playground with the other after care kids under the careful supervision of the coordinators.

By the time Dave got home that night, I was just a ball of emotion. It was our anniversary and I ended up crying on his shoulder much the same way I did on our wedding day. It wasn't necessarily because I was sad, it was just such an emotional day. All the anxiety that had built up came rushing forward. It just felt so good to have survived the day and be back in his familiar arms.

Ashleigh is still adjusting to kindergarten. She thoroughly enjoys after care (she gets to do her favorite thing - the playground), but is nervous each day about the cafeteria. She told Dave she gets grossed out by seeing other people eat with their mouth open (you would think with a 3yo and 1yo brother that kind of thing wouldn't be shocking LOL!). Coupled with the noise and the teacher trying to get her to eat more of her lunch, its been pretty stressing. We are continuing to talk to Ash on our end and Dave even spoke to the teachers about it, but they've been less than helpful. I know they have other kids to attend to and this is probably just part of the adjustment, but we were under the assumption that school is a team effort between the parents and teachers. We thought they would want to know about something that might affect how Ashleigh performs during the day. But I guess now we've labeled ourselves as "those" parents (the over-involved, pains in the you know what). But this is my baby and if just one little hand on the shoulder and "Are you doing okay, Ashleigh?" will help to get her over this bump, is it really too much to ask?!?

Work was/is tremendously busy. We are in the process of implementing a new computer system. While the new system will make my job less tedious and more streamlined, for the month we are running parallel with the old and new systems. Which means double the work - how fun! The new system does bring some benefits but it also means the elimination of one of my dear friends' position. I know he is moving on to bigger and better things, but it's kind of bittersweet. Add all that to having to prepare for our "big" hospitality and meeting for our members and helping to cover the front desk (yeah, I'm versatile LOL!) and it's just been crazy.

Please tell me this gets easier!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ashleigh. I really hope the teachers get more helpful as everyone gets in the groove of things. I don't think they should stress about how much she eats, kids will eat if they're hungry. Don't worry about being THAT parent, you've got to stand up for your kids. After awhile you'll be the ONLY parent- as they get older it seems that parent involvement just keeps dropping and dropping to the point where there are hardly any parents at anything!