Saturday, September 20, 2008

Change of Plan

This morning we were all set to run our errands. My Mom had a couple of places she needed to go and I wanted to get some triples shopping in too. I made breakfast, quickly got the kids dressed and loaded everyone in the car. Only to find - a flat rear tire :( In a way, it was a blessing it happened on a Saturday instead of yesterday or Monday, when we were getting out for work and school. I really would have liked to get a triples shop in today and taken my Mom to run her errands, but none of it really needed to be done today. And thankfully, this time triples is a four day event, so I'll have tomorrow to make one last run at some deals. Oddly enough last night I was wondering when I would have time to clean up for my mother-in-law's visit on Sunday. Guess that problem was solved LOL! And we should easily be able to handle this visit from Murphy with little impact to the budget. That truly is a blessing. Guess there was more to smile about today than I thought :)

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