Sunday, September 7, 2008

Super Savings Saturday/Sunday

Gotta love free toiletries! This week Colgate toothpaste was on sale at Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods for 2/$3. Using the .75/1 Q, which doubles at both stores, means more free toothpaste! No toothpaste enters this house unless it's free LOL! Also 4pk Cottonelle toilet paper is .99 at Kroger. Using the .50/1 Q, which doubles, means free toilet paper! Toilet paper has to be the most difficult thing for me to stockpile. We just seem to use so much of it. Anytime I can get it for free, is a blessing!

Here's my deals for the week!

Grocery Totals

Total Spent: $101.79 (just a smidge over!)
Total Savings: $72.63

Harris Teeter:

3 gallons HT Organic milk
1-5lb bag white potatoes (sale 3.00)
1pk Hormel pepperoni (sale 1.09 BOGO)
3 Colgate toothpaste (FREE! sale 1.50 - .75/1Q doubled)

Total oop: $21.43
Total savings: $10.56

Lowes Foods:

1 LF pizza sauce
1 LF cream of chicken soup (sale .80)
1 Full Circle Organic tomato paste (sale .69)
1 LF chicken broth (sale .60)
8 cans Paws cat food (sale .25)
1 LF aluminum foil (sale 1.00)
4 Ziploc quart storage bags (store Q 1.39 - .40/1 Q doubled)
3 Colgate toothpaste (FREE! sale 1.50 - .75/1Q doubled)
1 LF cola 3Lt (sale 1.00)
3 Bird's Eye steamfresh (sale Q .99 - 1/3Q)
3lb cabbage head (.39/lb using greenpoints)
6 Mott's apple juice (store Q 2/3 - 1/2Q)
1 Kashi Go Crunch Lean cereal (3.69 - 1.00 store Q - 2Q)
1 Butterball sliced turkey (sale BOGO - 1/1Q)

Total oop: $24.45
Total savings: $40.53


1 Huggies Pull Ups (10.99 - 1.50Q)
3 Cottonelle 4pk toilet paper (FREE! .99 - .50/1Q doubled)
1/2 gallon Private Selection Organic milk
6 KR shredded cheeses (sale 1.66ea)
3-1lb Shadybrook 93/7 ground turkey (sale 3/5)
bag Organic valencia oranges (sale 2.99)
1 broccoli bunch (sale 2.00)
6 ears yellow corn (sale 2.00)
3 Clif Kids Organic bars (FREE! sale .59 - .50/1Q doubled)

Total oop: $37.48
Total savings: $21.54

Trip to Costco for 18ct Eggland's Best eggs, 3lb container salsa and 1 take & bake cheese pizza for lunch - total oop $18.43.

Super Savings Saturday is hosted by Money Saving Mom, helping you be a better home economist!

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