Saturday, June 21, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

Well, I did it again - no pictures LOL! Maybe I should write myself a stickie as a reminder :) This week, we started our new $100 a week grocery budget in an effort to build up our dwindling stockpile. And what a great week to start as Harris Teeter had great meat sales going on. With the remaining money from this week, I'm going to go back to HT and get another london broil. The one I bought yesterday was originally $13.67 on sale for $5.45!

Total spent: $93.67
Total savings: $78.21

Lowes Foods:

5 Old Orchard apple juices (sale 2.00)
2 Huggies Pull Ups (sale 8.99-1.50/1 Q)
1 Paws cat food 3lb (sale 2.50)
3 Bounty paper towels (sale 1.75-.25/1 Q doubled)
2 Aunt Jemima syrups (sale 2.09-1/2 Q)
3 Electrasol tabs (sale 3.49-.75/1 Q doubled)
1 LF canned tuna (FREE w/green points)
1 Land O Frost cajun turkey (sale BOGO-.55/1 Q doubled)
4 Smart Balance 50/50 blends (store Q 1.99-.75/1 Q doubled)
4 Birds Eye Steamfresh - 3 brown rice, 1 sweet peas (store Q .99-$2/4 Q)

Total oop: $45.72
Total savings: $44.83

Harris Teeter:

3 gallons Organic Valley milk (5.99-1/1 Q)
Angus cubed steak (sale 2.83)
Angus london broil (sale 5.45)
2 Sargento shredded mozzarella (sale BOGO-1/2 Q)
8 jars Beech Nut baby food (sale .45 ea-1.50/8 Q)
1 Chi chi's salsa (sale BOGO-.55/1 Q doubled)
1 HT cooking spray (sale 2.00)
1 Lysol toilet cleaner (sale BOGO-.50/1 Q doubled)
1 Hunt's ketchup (sale .77)
3 green bell peppers (sale .99)

Total oop: $34.97
Total savings: $29.56


6 Ragu pasta sauces (sale 1.55-1/3 Q)
2 Eggland's Best eggs (2.59-.35/1 Q doubled)
1 Hunt's diced tomatoes
1 Multi grain dinner rolls (manager's special .60)

Total oop: $12.98
Total savings: $3.82

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