Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grocery Totals

This week, Whole Foods posted a $5 off $25 or more printable coupon on the website (valid until 10/22!). I was so excited because I've been trying to incorporate trips to Whole Foods into our grocery budget. Plus there were a few things I wanted to get from there anyway. My plan was to have $20 left over after the other grocery shopping to devote to Whole Foods. I would spend $25 and use the coupon to make my purchase within budget. Didn't quite work out that way. I only had $17 to work with. So I changed my plan - spend $25, use $5 coupon and $3 in manufacturer's coupons from the Whole Deal newsletter. Once I was at Whole Foods, I asked myself, "Do I really need $25 worth of stuff?" I decided it wasn't worth it to spend extra JUST to use the coupon. Unfortunately, I still ended up $4 over budget (and $4 shy of $25). Oh well! It was a valuable lesson nonetheless :)

Grocery Totals:

Total spent: $104.25
Total savings: $51.15

Whole Foods:

1.7 lb organic bananas
1 loaf Whole Wheat organic bread
1 bag organic dried lentils 16oz
1 bag organic brown rice 32oz
1 organic chocolate soymilk
5lb bag whole wheat flour
organic celery bunch
2lb organic tangerines (sale .99/lb)

Total oop: $21.41


1 KR deli style cheddar cheese (sale 1.66)
4 KR shredded cheese (sale 1.66 ea)
1 Eggland's Best eggs (2.59 - .35/1Q doubled)
1 French's Worcestershire sauce (FREE Q)
3 Softsoap liquid hand soap (sale 1.00 - .35/1Q doubled)
1 Hefty Flex trash bags (sale 5.99 - 1/1Q)
5lb bag organic whole carrots (sale 3.50)
5 Honest Tea organic drink pouches (clearanced .99 ea)
1 KR jelly
2lb cabbage head (sale .59/lb)

Total oop: $29.05
Total savings: $20.00

Lowes Foods:

4 cans Swanson beef broth (sale .59 - .40/4Q doubled)
4 cans Swanson chicken broth (sale .59 - .40/4Q doubled)
2 Full Circle organic whole wheat spaghetti (sale 1.69)
3lb spaghetti squash (sale .89/lb)

Total oop: $9.58
Total savings: $8.58

Harris Teeter:

3 gallons HT organic milk
6 HT apple juices (sale 1.79)
3 Fleischmann's yeast strips (sale .99 - .45/1Q doubled)
1 Campbell's Select Harvest Healthy Request Chicken & Egg Noodle soup (FREE Q!)
6 Green Giant frozen boxed veggies - corn, sweet peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli spears - no sauce versions (sale 1.00 - .50/2Q doubled)
bag of organic tomatoes (quick sale 1.45)
red onion (quick sale .60)
bag of baby bella mushrooms (quick sale .75)
1 Butterball Deep Fried sliced turkey (sale 3.50 - .75/1Q doubled)
1 HT whole wheat tortillas (sale 1.50)
Smart Chicken organic chicken breasts (markdown 6.17)

Total oop: $44.21
Total savings: $22.57

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