Friday, June 19, 2009

Memories of My Deddy

And no, the title isn't misspelled. We always called our father "Deddy" instead of Daddy. Probably a country thing :)

This song brings back great memories of my Deddy. He was such a calm and patient man. When I was a little girl, he'd let me ride with him on the tractor while he was plowing the fields. I'd steer and he'd work the pedals and the gears. Thinking back on those moments, that must have been a really hot ride for him especially under the warm Carolina sun. And I'm sure it slowed him down more than just a bit. But he let me "help" because that was just his gentle way.

I also remember sitting between him and my Momma in his old pickup truck taking our trash to the dump (no fancy waste pickup in the country LOL!). We were going down a dirt road through a field, when he let me take the wheel of the truck. Somehow, I managed to hit every huge bump in the road. We all laughed the entire way to the dump. It was just one of those small moments filled with such incredible joy and love that I will always cherish it.

And when it came time for me to practice driving for my learner's permit, my Deddy was the one that would pick me up from school and let me drive home. He'd also let me drive him into town to run errands. My Momma was way too nervous to ever think about riding with me. But my Deddy was always there, giving gentle and patient instruction.

I miss you Deddy. I wish you were here to see the woman I've beome. To give your kind, fatherly guidance to my husband and delight in my three beautiful babies. I know you would just soo love them to pieces!

Alan Jackson - Drive

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Still Learning said...

Your Deddy sounds like he was a wonderful man. And a patient one, lol. Don't you just love those sweet treasured memories? It's always the fun little things that they did with us that seemed small to them as adults but are such delights to children.
Hope your family has a wonderful Father's Day.