Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daddy's Home!

As I spend time focusing on prayer and gratitude, I find myself being thankful for the unexpected blessings resulting from Dave's job loss. Aside from God making a way for us financially, the biggest blessing has been having Dave around more! For the past 10 years, he's worked 50 hour weeks. He missed the fun of lazy Saturdays around the house with the kids and eating dinner together in the evenings. Some days, he'd leave for work before the kids were up and didn't get in until after they'd gone to bed. And the stress of the job put a tremendous physical and mental strain on him as well as the family. It's so frustrating to see someone one you love dealing with such crap day in and day out and not having any power or control over the situation. Towards the end, it got to the point where the precious time we did have together was difficult and frustrating as the job was never far from Dave's mind.

But now, I have my husband, my friend and my support back! And the kids are getting wonderful quality time with Daddy. The change in Dave's disposition has been remarkable. He smiles more, laughs louder and is more present - not just physically but also mentally. He has a new perspective on work, one which he'll take with him in whatever new opportunity God brings his way. When that new opportunity does come along, I know our schedule will change again. But for now, we are enjoying having Daddy home!


Still Learning said...

Isn't that awesome? We had the same experience with Mike when he was laid off and then now with me being at home. Goodness, I never want to work outside the home again, I love being at home so much. So glad you are making the best of things.


Tonya said...

That is wonderful that you and your little ones get to enjoy their dad being home. Truly that is one of life's blessings...having both parents in their lives.
My prayers are with you for your husbands future employment.
Be blessed and enjoy the journey.