Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life Moves On

Well, my guy and gal lost last night. Even Libby Dole is packing up her Senate office and heading home. But life moves on. As John McCain so eloquently urged last night, I will gladly offer President Obama and this nation my prayers as we move forward through these difficult times.

My mother had a huge smile on her face this morning (she's probably not aware I'm a Republican LOL!). I'm sure she never thought in her 74 years of life she'd ever see a Black President. She lived through Jim Crow. Separate bathrooms and water fountains. Segregated restaurants and schools. She's told me the story of when the schools in our area became integrated, my Daddy lost his job. His boss could not stand the thought of Black children attending the same school his children did (side story: As fate would have it, one of my older sisters, who is a nurse, had that man as one of her patients in the hospital. She said when he found out who her father was the look on his face was priceless LOL!). I too feel it's an amazing testament to just how far our country has come. The realization of a Dream.

However, it feels like this election has gone on forever! Has been the subject of too many office conversations and dominated too many talks at home. Time to get back to the everyday matters at hand. Triple coupons at Harris Teeter. PTA meetings, parent teacher conferences and our first report card! Cleveland Browns football on Thursday night and the NASCAR Chase for the Championship, which is down to just two races (my guy is gonna come up short there too). Raking leaves and baking up some seasonal homemade goodness in the kitchen. Yes, that's life!

But as a frivolous aside, I will definitely be checking out Michelle O's hairstyles, makeup and outfits over the next four years!


Still Learning said...

You are a hoot, just like a mom to move on from politics to triple coupons. I am laughing so hard. I am with you girl, I love triple coupon days. This election was a bear & I am glad it's over. Lordy Lordy does Obama have some mess to clean up. I kinda feel bad for him, he's got a lot of things to tackle. It was a long night.

Meghan said...

Triple coupons. FAR more interesting than politics. Admittedly, I am excited about our president elect... but is HE going to save me money at Harris Teeter? I think not.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I'll join with you in frivolity and say I cannot wait to see what trends Michelle follows and starts. I think she is so classy!!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I didn't vote for Obama, however I think it is wonderfully historic and shows how far our country had come in electing a black president.

I don't agree with him on most things, but I respect him as my president.

God bless the USA

Rona's Home Page said...

When Obama mentioned that he is a "Mutt" our son knodded. I love that our teenager has someone like him in such a high position.
Let's applaud our children that do not want to be label other then "mutt".