Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Menu Plan (not quite Monday)

Our Menu for the week...

Saturday - Dave & I enjoyed a five course meal at the Washington Duke Inn (company Christmas party). Filet Mignon was our main course.

Sunday - Take & Bake Pepperoni pizza and Caesar Salad from Costco as we enjoyed a great afternoon with Dave's Mom! The kids loved the train she bought them to place around our main Christmas tree.

Monday - Beef Stew & cornbread

Tuesday - Baked Potatoes with toppings & steamed broccoli

Wednesday - Creamed tuna over whole wheat pasta & steamed green peas

Thursday - Crockpot Chicken with mushroom gravy, organic brown rice & steamed snap peas

Friday - Taco Style Lentils & Rice served in hard taco shells with all the fixings!

What I bought last week...


8lb bag potatoes (sale 3.50)
bag organic tangerines (sale 3.50)
5lb bag organic whole carrots (sale 3.50)
3 gallons Horizon organic milk (markdown $4.69/gal)

Total oop: $25.06
Total savings: $7.47 (doesn't include savings on milk)

Lowes Foods:

2 LF toilet paper (sale BOGO)
1 Dixie Crystals brown sugar 2lb bag (sale 1.50 - .30/1Q doubled)
2 pints blueberries (sale BOGO)
2lb cabbage (sale .39/lb)

Total oop: $8.85
Total savings: $8.59

Harris Teeter (multiple trips - combined):

15 Juicy Juice (sale B2G3F!)
12 Martha White corn muffin mix (FREE! .50 ea - .55/2Q doubled)
3 cans Veg All (sale .75 ea - .35/1Q doubled)
3 packs Perdue boneless, skinless chicken breasts (sale B1G2F!)
2 Ziploc EZ zipper bags (sale 1.69 ea - .55/1Q doubled)
1 Huggies Pull Ups mega pack (sale 13.99 - 2/1Q)
1 Progresso chicken broth (sale 1.84 - 1/1Q)
1 Wacky Mac veggie spirals (sale .79 - .50/1Q DND)
2 Angus London broil (sale BOGO!)
3 packs Angus Stew Meat (sale BOGO!)
1 Bounty paper towels 9pk (sale 6.99)
1 Arnold Soft Natural bread (sale 1.99 - .55/1Q doubled)

Total oop: $47.68
Total savings: $107.88

Total oop: $81.59
Total savings: $123.94!

Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura at I'm An Organizing Junkie.


Still Learning said...

You're so organized!!
p.s. I want to come over for some yummy beef stew & cornbread.

Rona's Home Page said...

Take and Bake Pizza from Sam's Club is very good, filling and affordable.